54kg of body

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img1 The annual figures have just come out in 2011 , the Swiss consumed 54kg of meat per person . Shameful and abominable figure .

54kg , the average weight of a 16 year old . It is as if Switzerland had devoured each one. It does not shock you?

Knowing that this figure is a national average , and that Switzerland has nearly 7'900'000 inhabitants , this means that the country has eaten nearly 426 ' 600,000 kg of meat . 426'000 tons of meat . How many animals does it mean exactly ? Many . Too much.

It is time for our society to understand that it is based on the killing of animals for our own gustatory pleasure, to our need to prove our superiority over the animal, on nature.

Do as Christian Bale, Paul McCartney, your servant , become vegetarian to stop the killing and suffering of animals . If you have cats, dogs or horses, you should understand !

How to get rid of cars parked on bike paths , the Geneva solution

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img2 Pierre Maudet , the ultra- green mayor of Geneva , has just set up a single policy to promote sustainable mobility and bicycles.

As is too often the case , bike paths Geneva (and elsewhere in the galaxy ) are often used as parking.

The mayor of Geneva has decided to take the problem by the horns , or something.

Once a car is parked on a cycle path and endangering cyclists since forced to detour , Mr Maudet , an officer in the Swiss army , contacted the air force who occupies forthwith .

Efficient, fast and smart. Had to think . Thank you Mr. Mayor !

When Smart electric bike starts at

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img6 Here , Smart has launched its own model of electric bike, and this is a sham : fast, secure , elegant, technological (kinetic recovery , smartphone connectivity ) .

In addition , to begin their pub , they place a traffic jam of cars by announcing that the car is wrongwink

This is called self-mockery . This is the case to say .

The official website of the Smart ebike.

Marcel thank you for the info.

The bicycle city - Cyprien

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Cyprien you know ?

Well here he speaks of the bike in the city . So naturally , it's about us.

So funny and true!

The official website of Cyprian, with all its über - funny videos.

Spinlister soon in Switzerland ?

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img3 Spinlister is the new Vélib ', a Vélib' in "collaborative consumption" (collaborative consumption).

You have several bikes lying around in your garage and that are useless? Why not make them available to your neighbors, colleagues, human cousins?

How it works? You tuck your profile and your bikes in a database, and interested people are contacting you for renting your bike.

Rent, yes, because you will receive pennies for your bike for hire. As Geneva dragging its feet for its Vélib ', scheduled for ... May 2012 and moved to 2013 (or later?), Here's a good way to promote cycling.

Soon Spinlister in iPhone app to find bikes nearby. But then, the program has been launched for the time in New York.

And Geneva? Lausanne? Morges? When is it?

And if we tried? You have 1-2 bikes that are useless, right?

The official link Spinlister

Green Film Festival 2012

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img4 From 9 to 18 March 2012, for the 7th year, the Green Film Festival will play as usual nomadic map to move in 22 cities (! ), One in neighboring France ( Ferney ) and thus reach the largest audience .

2012 a good year with a beautiful brochette (vegetarian ) film as long as a day without bread full bio .

To read the interview from the festival in 2011.

A Festival to NOT miss.
We will see certainly the Festival in Geneva.
And you, what city will you go?
The official website of the Festival.

The anti-depression brigade in the New York subway

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To fight against stagnation and depression in public transport New York , young improvisers have had a fantastic & fantastic idea : shouting into a megaphone intelligent nonsense .

And it looks like this :

Thank you to Eric V for video

Human radar

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Prankster Rémi Gaillard Little has just completed a hilarious skit.

Radar, humans.

Thank you to Eric V for video

365 days in the life of a bike

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img5 Red Peak, New York designers , conducted an interesting experiment .

They tied a bike to a pole in the street in New York for 365 days and photographed every day.

Amazing. It was only after 230 days the bike suffered depredations , not before. Like what .

We try to Geneva to see?

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