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[Solved] How much does dropshipping cost  



How much does dropshipping cost

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The cost of dropshipping is not fixed but let's look at basic things that will cost you to set up a dropshipping store and that could help give an idea of what you should plan for:

1) You need a website of your own which could be on Shopify, Wordpress using tools like Alidropship plugin for store instant setup, or other eCommerce platforms. 

This will normally cost you around $300 - $500 to setup and pay for hosting, domain, ssl or subscription if on Shopify

2) Payment gateway, Paypal is the fastest if acceptable in your country if not, it might cost you more initial setup in your own country

3) SEO - yeah you need to spend of optimizing your store to enjoy free traffic from low competition keywords

4) Marketing - This can not be capped as it depends on your niche and how far you want to reach your targeted audience and their country

Your initial capital to kick start a dropshipping business could be between $500 to $1,000+.

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