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[Solved] Top Military Budget 1979 - Top 10 Largest Military Spending By Country 1979  



This post outline the top 10 military spendings by country in 1979. It is interesting to go deep into history and discover how huge countries had been putting on the Military budget (defence budget) yearly from the USA to other countries across the world.

Military Spending By Country 1979 Military Expenditure 1979 in USD
USA $122,279,000,000
Germany $24,777,600,000
France $22,667,900,000
UK $18,373,800,000
Saudi Arabia $17,616,700,000
Japan $9,173,600,000
Italy $6,904,100,000
Argentina $5,057,100,000
Netherlands $5,038,000,000
Iran $4,993,800,000

Data Source: Information from the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI),

Also, note that we rounded up all last 5 digits to zeros while other data are as it is in Sipri data.

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