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500+ USA Question & Answer Website For Sale - 1,000+ Pages Indexed on Google  




Am Oasun Akeys (coined from my Nigerian name Olasunkanmi Fakeye), Founder of this website.

Am selling this website (Echomag.org) with unique contents and over 1,000pages index by Google across over 15 Money niches (means the site only focused on niches that have keywords with good CPC and existing Affiliate products you can easily monetize - Check some of the niche categories & posts pages to see how it can be monetized with Clickbank/Adsense and others).


Why Selling?

I own the best question and answer forum in Nigeria (Foskaayforum.com) but started this to target international audience in USA by providing answers to common questions they ask via Google in over 15 niches already ranging from Music, Workout, Health, Parenting, VPN, Piano, Pregnancy, Dropshipping and others including a Download section with images, software and others.

Now, have started expanding my reach beyond Nigeria via Foskaayforum itself and would like to focus on that mainly and sell this off.


Brief History of This Website

I launched this Q&A niche forum with the domain QuestionUnanswered.com on 12th August 2019 and hired to have it filled with quality content in form of answers to questions I researched and found people are asking on Google from USA in those niches.

All questions are gathers after thorough SEO research not just formulated so they have much tendency to rank and continuously bring organic traffic now and in future.


Why I Changed The Domain Name?

I changed the domain name because I want to push the quality content to start getting more organic ranking and traffic it deserves.

Thus, I got Echomag.org expired domain with DA20 to replace the QuestionUnanswered.com which was just DA4 then on 12th October 2019.

I still retain the original domain and would be added to this sale.


Technical Summary + What is included in the sale

Domain = Echomag.org DA20 and QuestionUnanswered.com DA4

Domain Host = Namesilo (need free Namesilo account to get it pushed to you within 24hours. You can then move it elsewhere once you take control of the 2 domains)

Domain Expire = 12/October/2020 (Echomag.org) and 12/August/2020 (QuestionUnanswered.com)

Website = Wordpress (Using wpForo free Plugin for the forum-like arrangement)

Website Host = Interserver (you need to buy at least $5 one month hosting with Interserve to make this website pushable to your Cpanel faster within 24hours of payment. You can move it to any other host of choice ones you have it under your control)

Age = 2Months old (considering only the new domain swap)

Earnings = Less than $10 via Adsense

Content Quality = Original researched contents and not copy-pasted or plagiarized 

Content Quantity = 500+ well-researched SEO optimized Questions and Answers + Download Section which is over 1,500 Posts in total

Content Niches = Over 15 Niches (Check the homepage to view)

Contents Indexed By Google? = YES over 1,000pages already indexed. Put this in Google to confirm Site:echomag.org and also Site:questionunanswered.com 

Contents Indexed By Other Search Engine? = YES over 50pages already indexed by Bing. Put this in Bing search box to confirm Site:echomag.org and also Site:questionunanswered.com

Traffic Stats = Considering it only 2months old after the domain swap and just gaining more organic traffic, have included unaltered screenshots of the Google Analytics and Google Webmaster below this post for a check. NOTE = Most of the views the content gained were a result of sharing across my social media platforms (Twitter, FB, Linkedin etc with a total of over 50k followers)




1) 1 Month free after-sale support to guide on the use of the platform if not tech-inclined to handle it yourself

2) I will give you 1,000+ Questions am yet to work on in Excel format that you can add and provide answers in some of the existing niche and other niches not added yet.

3) If you want to swap the contents to another domain would be available to help for free within 1 month of purchase. After that, it will be at a fee to be discussed



I currently monetize via Clickbank + Adsense + Direct Banner ads

You can easily open free Clickbank Account

For Adsense, will remove mine account and you apply and surely get approval with the contents considering it was approved without issues for me. The contents are quality and non-copypasted.

Direct banner ads come into play when the website starts getting more traffic

Others include sponsored posts for backlink (got offer on that recently and still in discussion)


How To Buy?

Will accept payment in Crypto or others via escrow 

Cost = Send Offer to me via hello@echomag.org

Buy It Now Price (BIN) = $1,500


When Will Website Be Handed Over?

Once you follow my instructions to open Namesilo account for the domains and buy $5 one month hosting with Interserve, then you get all above website assets transferred to your accounts within 24hours once the escrow platform confirms your payment received.









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