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[Sticky] How To Sing Ultimate Guide With 5 Steps For Beginners and Pro  



Seating consciously relaxing at my desk with the PC to write about how to sing (mean how to sing better, how to sing higher, how to sing better for guys and just anyone) not as one professional academia and music experts but as one who had helped a friend done in-depth research and now guiding the friend. Yeah, guess what, you are that my special friend (digital friends though 😀 🤣 ). Thus, expect this guide to be non-official because am talking to a friend, not a Boss! Also, I will share with you a friend's story who followed the recommendations here and now leading a mass choir at conferences and doing live records.


5 Ways To Learn How To Sing as a beginner or sing higher as a pro singer:

Yes, you can learn how to sing even if you feel you are not talented, your voice is bad or sounds horrible. Notwithstanding, even if anyone ever told you that your voice is a bitch, you can still wahoo them and learn how to sing better following this my ultimate guide.

Below is a quick summary of five things to do to sing better and even sing higher pitch:

1) Believe in yourself

2) Be well-positioned

3) Be relaxed (this will help discover your singing pitch)

4) Control your Breath (you can do it...yes you can)

5) Exercise till perfected (could take on personal courses to help at your own pace)


Now, let's take a little deeper dive into each of the 5 listed methods to learning how to sing mentioned above.

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But before then let me tell you the story of another digital friend and hope this encourages you to pursue your how to sing goals with more passion, focus and perseverance (yeah, it may not be enjoyable at first but with persistence and constant practise, you will achieve it and swiftly forget the pains experienced in the beginning).


Meet my friend Williams (I have a lot of digital friends just like you), He was picked to lead a conference and have the live recording done after the conference which he had just about 6months to prepare for in leading the choir.

He knew that his not good yet in singing high pitch or blending and controlling his voice when singing. With just about 6 months to go, he had no choice than to seek for help which led him to practise some of the tips below and also got a personal how to sing course online and voice training course (check under recommendation section for the same courses if interested).

Amazingly, he made it. Led the mass choir in that conference and eventually did more than one live recordings after the conference.

That is such an amazing experience.



So, back to the steps to learning how to sing better;


1) Believe in yourself 

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Believe me, nothing is impossible for you, if you can believe in your untapped ability within you to give it what it takes to bring things into reality.

This works for every aspect of humans endeavour and singing is not excepted.

The fact remains that most often to succeed in your singing goals, you need to first believe that you can achieve it. Then seek to know what you need to do and do it to make it a reality.

"Whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe, trust me, It can achieve" - Napoleon Hill

That is just where it all begins with how to sing (how to sing better, how to sing higher, how to sing better for guys, sing higher pitch, how to sing opera and whatever).


2) Be well-positioned

Your physical position and body posture will aid your singing output.

If you are not well positioned, it will hinder the smooth functioning and control of different parts of your body organs contributing to the flow of sounds.

You need to understand that there are different parts of your body system like the throat, lungs, diaphragm, chest and others, which aid you in producing the sounds and controlling your singing voice pitch.

Standing or sitting straight and avoid bending or leaning on a wall before you begin to sing will help you be in charge of controlling those organs and sing well without flattering or cracking out intermittently.


3) Be relaxed (this will help discover your singing pitch)

In addition to your body positioning as discussed above, you need a relaxing posture.

You know your body better and can easily know when your posture makes you feel relaxed or not.

You may need to try with different posture to identify those that get you relaxed.

Once you get that, take note and always try to be at that posture why learning how to sing and practising on your own.

Beyond the physical body posture been relaxed, you also need to be relaxed in your mind, thoughts and imagination.

That simply means your mind should be relaxed, and consciously fixed on your singing practice,

and suspend it from wandering off to other tasks outside the singing practice on your routine schedule list.

Be present and focusely relaxed.


4) Control your Breath (you can do it...yes you can)

As you are reading this now, if you have a music player around you just play your favourite singer for just about 5minutes, without closing this up.

Now, imagine that song is been broken with the singers breathing sounds in-between. That would be horrible you might say.

yeah, it would be indeed very horrible.

That is why you need to learn and master the art of controlling your breath to be a successful singer your audience will enjoy to listen to over and over again.

You might need to go for breath training exercises or take breath control courses online to help you train yourself at home at your own pace.

But you surely need to control it.

Your breath can make or break your voice output if not trained and mastered.

I guess you don't wanna have such horrible song production. Do You?


5) Exercise till perfected (could take on personal courses to help at your own pace)

The steps to learning anything in life does not stop just at first trial or attempt only. That will produce no desired result and am sure you don't want such that is why you have to take your time to read this ultimate how to sing guide.

But, reading isn't as much powerful nor does it guarantee result as much as doing and practising over and over again till you are able to master what you have read or learn.

Yeah, you need practice,

Not just one attempt and be discouraged because of your horrible performance - NO!

You need to continue to give more push and never ever give up.

How long it will take depends on how well and often you engage in the training.

And in case you need more in-depth step by step help to get you started and keep you at it for at least the next 60 days then have got to suggest you check the same how to sing course my friend "Williams" that I told you the story earlier took.

One of the learning how to sing better course online he took is called Singorama (one of the best you can come across online to learn how to sing at your own pace).


Can anyone learn how to sing

Yes, I mean just anybody that can talk can also learn how to sing. It does not necessarily have to be talent.

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With the right training, you can learn how to sing even if you feel your voice is bad.

In this section, let us look at some of the popular myths about learning how to sing that most people have and distracting them from achieving their goal;


i) Myth 1: Singing is talent 

Yes, some are naturally gifted and comes much easier for them with or without rigorous and consistent training. But, it is not true that talent is all that qualify or disqualify anyone to learn singing.

It is a myth and you need to get that off your mind.

Get the appropriate voice training courses to get you started on how to sing even if you don't have a natural talent.

Amazingly with training, you will end up being a better singer than one with the talent without further development of it via training.


ii) Myth 2: You need a good voice

Ever heard anyone tell you straight to your face that your voice is bad,

And singing is for those with Good voice...

That is a myth, your voice is not as bad as you might think.

Proper training would help you to unleash the good part of your voice to sing, and then you can spite your mockers.

Yeah, that serves them right - You know!!!


iii) Myth 3: you need expensive training to learn how to sing

This is also a myth because my friend Williams achieve it with this cheap how to sing course without breaking his bank account.

And was able to achieve his target.

It is more of how you are dedicated to following the instructions of the training courses personally than the price tag.

So, get in the move to achieve your singing goals without breaking your purse now.


Challenges You Might Face learning How To Sing

Just like learning any other thing from riding a bicycle to driving a car or eventually piloting a Jet.

It is clear that learners are faced with a lot of hurdles initially which will be overcome with persistence.

It is same in your journey to achieve your how to sing goal whatever it might be. There are challenges on the way that could stop you from making a success of it.

But, if you won't give up. You will surely win.


i) Your body

Especially if this is your first time of making up the decision to achieve a singing goal. Then expect that your own body will be the first challenges to overcome.


Because all that produces the sounds are housed by your body (thought, tongue, lungs and others).

At the initial stage, it will make you feel as if you are punishing yourself but don't mind it.

Just relax a bit when necessary and only if essential, then continue.

Amazingly, it has been scientifically proven that if you keep a routine daily for at least 30 days, your body will adapt to it.

So, within a month over, it will start looking more of normal and essential things to do than been perceived as a punishment by your body.

Don't let your body stop you from achieving that your singing goal.

Push it, it will bend to your desire.


ii) Losing Focus 

Have you ever set a goal that gets you so excited in starting it and almost seems impossible to fail at achieving it, but only ended up abandoning it after a while?

It does happen to a lot of people all over the world and that is why we only have few people that are actually achieving their set goals in life.

It is also natural that your enthusiasm gradually evaporates as you push toward your goal and you will have to consciously keep it trapped within you or in a matter of time all will be gone into the air as if they never existed within you.

"You need to keep your focus in view always and in check too often." - Echmag

This will help to keep on. 

Maybe you can do this.

Write down about 2 to 3 reasons why you want to learn how to sing and the benefits and rewards you stand to gain if you stick and succeed at it.

It could be to sing as a career, hobbies or even become a trainer for beginners and pros.

Just list them out boldly and have it glued to your wall (not a secret location) but in an open place where you pass across frequently and some other members of your family may see it too if you have them around and encourage you to push harder till achieved. Even if they mock you, don't give a fork.

Just ride on.


iii) Temptation to Quit

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You might not be so lucky to have people or family around you that will inject optimistic spirit in you to push you forward in achieving your goals.

But, that shouldn't stop you.

Don't be afraid to fail and keep trying for months or even years if need be.

What you should fear and avoid is quitting.

I mean go all out there and do not quit.

You hear me say



How To Over Come the challenges learning how to sing as beginner or pro

You might need to read the challenges section above over again as have included how to overcome some of the challenges if any of them have been stirring at your face in your singing pursuit and goals.

The summary of it is that,

Your own challenges may not be specifically mentioned above like geographical location, physical disability and whatever you might face.

Just put thing are your own pace but ensure you are practising and improving regularly.

Then, never consider these 4 deadly words.


It is goal killer,


I Quit? NEVER!!!!


Can you learn to sing without a trainer

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Yes, you can learn how to sing without a physical trainer,

Even if you are talented naturally in sing. You still need to re-train your vocal cords and other organs of your body to perform at their best and peak when you are singing.

To achieve this, you can get how to sing training courses online.

Access the course and follow the instructors daily till you master the art

and become better at singing.


Reasons You need learning how to sing trainer

It is simple, you need those that have been ahead to help you become better at it,

Faster and smoother.

i)  A trainer will help you identify the essential body parts and the right training for each to achieve your singing and voice training goals.

ii) You will also have access to at least someone that can keep you motivated at achieving your goal.

iii) What about, showing you those that are worst than you but eventually made it. This alone could kill your fears and quitting spirit to regain enthusiasm.

So, you are in look of how to sing courses and trainers, check our recommendation section below.


Recommended How To Sing Trainers and Courses

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This music section, I will continue to research and add more online courses and offline trainers to the list as I discover more. Do note that I may receive some compensation if any of them purchased (Hope you will through my link to help keep with in-depth research and helpful ultimate guides like this in future - THANKS SO MUCH!!!).


1) Singorama Review: This is the course taking by my friend Williams which helped him to achieve his voice and pitch training goal to lead the mass choir at a concert and do live recordings without breaking voices.


2) Still testing out and in search of more helpful and not junk courses and trainers. Do you know any? Join this Echmag forum and comment below for me to check it out or mail the admin via the contact us page.


If you have found this guide helpful,

don't forget to join our mailing list below, share this content and join this forum to comment below.


Thanks for your time!

Oasun Akeys

Music Section


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Go all in and make your learning how to sing goals a reality...Remember


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