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[Solved] Which vpn works in china: 15 Best VPN that works in China 2019/2020  



Which vpn works in china discussed with latest updates below

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15 Best VPN that works in China listed below: 

China has the strongest government internet censorship in the world as of today which is called the Great Firewall. It is able to block you off even if you are just on a visit from basic websites you might not be able to live without like Gmail, Facebook, Twitter and a lot more.

You are advised to have this in your devices before visiting China as there are higher chances of not being able to download once you connect with China's Internet Service Provider (ISP) in China.

Thus, below are top 15 best VPN working in China as of now:

1) Express VPN

2) Vypr VPN

3) PIA VPN (Private Internet Access VPN)

4) Nord VPN

5) 12 VPN

6) Ivacy VPN

7) Surfshark VPN

8) Private VPN

9) Tunnelbear VPN

10) PandaPow VPN

11) Buffered VPN

12) Pure VPN

13) Astrill VPN (this seems to be cut up by Great wall of China but no harm in trying it as backup VPN if you already have the subscription before visiting China)

14) Hotspot Shield VPN

15) Windscribe 

You can use this free tool to test if a website is blocked or in Blacklist of China Great Firewall 

This post was modified 2 months ago 2 times by Oasun Akeys

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