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How to activate wpf...

[Solved] How to activate wpforo  



How to activate wpforo

1 Answer

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To activate wpforo follow the steps below:

1) Download wpforo from the official website or Go to Add New under your Wordpress dashboard 

2) Install and click activate

3) Then check for a new option in your dashboard called Forums

4) Under it go to Setting to set up your desired wpforo settings


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So far based on my experience with Wordpress forum plugins like BBpress, Budypress and others, Wpforo remains the best option I had to settle for and its been 2years+ no regret (been using Wordpress since 2013).

This forum runs on wpforo and you can go around it to be sure that am well experienced in using wpforo to setup just any type of forum (Question and answer forum, Threaded and others.).

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