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[Solved] How to use wpforo plugin: Step by Step for newbie  



How to use wpforo plugin

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Follow the steps below to learn how to use wpforo:

First, you need to know that wpforo is not a standalone forum software like PHP forum, simple machine forum and others. Instead, Wpforo is a wp plugin which depends solely on Wordpress architecture and database to work just like any other Wordpress plugins you know of.

1) Install wpforo plugin

2) Activate wpforo plugin just like you do with any other wordpress plugins

3) Scroll down till you locate a new option in your dashboard named 

4) Tap and you will have options like

Dashboard (Where you have technical info about your forum and can update and synchronize user, post and others if they are lagging behind the real stats); 

Forums - here you can create different sub Forum/Thread sections and arrange your forum home page like the post you are reading now is posted under forum called "Web Design".

Settings - You can modify the entire forum from here

Tools - Similar to settings but with some advanced security tools like spam control, limit members ability to post links and others.

Moderation - for posts moderation (Topic/Reply/Answer)

Members - Where you approve, ban and unban members

Usergroups - here you create and control different membership levels and priveledges

And a lot other options to help use wpforo successfully.

Their official documentation is also easily accessible via more of the options so you would always get help doc to check on the way.

Do you need help using wpforo as your wp forum plugin? Then Hire me.


Why should you hire me to handle your wpforo setup?

So far based on my experience with Wordpress forum plugins like BBpress, Budypress and others, Wpforo remains the best option I had to settle for and its been 2years+ no regret (been using Wordpress since 2013).

This forum runs on wpforo and you can go around it to be sure that am well experienced in using wpforo to setup just any type of forum (Question and answer forum, Threaded and others.).

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